Landscaping/Garden Design Process

We aim to make the design process as simple as possible whilst achieving the best results for our clients. Below you will find a detailed description of the process we undertake during the design stages. 

Stage 1 : Initial Consultation

During this first stage of the design process, we will visit you at your property to discuss your specific requirements.

We will have our various portfolios with us, including Landscaping, Paving & Fencing. This will give you a good opportunity to capture some new ideas & see how the many elements of a garden can work together.

This is a great time to voice any ideas you may have which could include a specific style of garden, layout of different areas & material types/styles within these areas. 

We will ask you to fill out our questionnaire which covers everything from the dislikes of your current garden to your favorite seasonal plants. The more information the better!

Stage 2 : Survey

This is the point where we take a look at your current garden.

We will be detailing all of the elements currently situated in your garden which will include the following:

– Planting/bed areas

– Ground conditions/soil heights

– Over/underground services

– Areas of interest within the current garden

– Any specific access issues

Our pen will be put to paper at this stage. Your garden will be mapped out accurately by measuring all areas required. We will be taking note of the ground heights & conditions, as well as any fixed objects such as trees & outbuildings. 

Stage 3 : First draft

This is where our creative side comes in to play. 

All of the information gathered will be loaded into our computer aided software to produce an appropriate design. 

This design is a computer produced drawing which is built to scale, showing all of the elements as required in full colour. We work carefully to ensure all parts of this design are produced as required & within budget.

At this point, a first draft will be sent to the client & we will ask for feedback regarding all areas of the design. To ease the process this is usually sent via email but an A4 sized copy can also be sent via post if it is preferred.

Stage 4 : Detailed drawings & final design

Once we have received feedback from the initial draft, any amendments if required will be carried out.

As the drawing is to scale, we are able to detail every element within the garden & will produce a document containing the specific quantity of all materials/planting required.

Once this stage has been reached, we will send the following:

– A full colour design showing all of the elements in their true textures, shown across 3 or 4 different angles

– A duplicate of this design, showing various specific measurements relevant to the most important aspects.

– A document showing the quantities of materials required which include everything from planting to paving.

– A further document showing the likely costs for all aspects including labour, material & waste charges. 

We are now at the end of the design process. Whether you will be self building or have a contractor in mind, all of the information compiled will ensure a smooth completion of the works & you can rest assured knowing that all parts of your garden have been carefully thought out.